BioNER has its origin in the biobank created during the epidemic of Síndrome del Aceite Tóxico in Spain,  biobank created in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the biobank of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, USA). Later, it expanded its objectives, as part of a project funded by the 5th Framework Programme and called EurobioBank, – 2002-2006 – as founder partner of the consortium to present days. EuroBioBank is the first and only consortium of European biobanks focused on rare diseases.

EuroBioBnak received funding from FP6 through in European projects TREAT-NMD (focused to advance in the diagnosis, care and treatment of people diagnosed with neuromuscular diseases) in 2006-2010 and currently is an associate member of the project FP7 RD-CONNECT, a project that aims to combine information from databases, registries, biobanks and OMICs data of rare diseases. IIER work is developed to promote interoperability between biobanks European, American and Australian rare diseases, all project partners and signatories to the agreement IRDiRC (International Consortium for Research on Rare Diseases).

BioNER was associated member of Red de Biobancos del ISCIII- 2010-2013 and nowdays is a member of the Plataforma Red Nacional de Biobancos, composed of 54 institutions spread across 14 autonomous communities, with the objective of providing added value scientific community.